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Last updated Sunday, 23 January, 2011 10:58 AM

The People of Burning Man

We're working on getting our book published. For a lot more info on this, hop on over to We're making a movie. Lots of awesome folks are actively supporting the project on facebook. Join the facebook page if you want to get a copy of the book and help make sure it gets printed.

Starboy Joins Meerkat Manor!

Starboy joined Meerkat Manor!!! Joy!!!

halloween: Scare the crap out of Kids

Do you want to join in and help scare kids? This will be the 3rd annual Meerkat Manor haunted halloween. It's not your typical haunted house.

Julian and Jackie at DECOMPRESSION

We had a quite crazy time at Burning Man Decompression this year. Read the story.

We're doing Craft Night again

For more look on the Meerkat Manor facebook page.

Dan and Nicole got Married

Here are the photos to prove it. Also see

Dan and Nicole both lived at Meerkat Manor and first met while Nicole was living in the big downstairs room.

Joshua and Laura got married

Here are the photos to prove it.

Joshua is beloved. He lived at Meerkat Manor for a short stay at one point.

Our friend Annie Sprinkle is getting married

The first photo in this video and other photos in the video were taken at Meerkat Manor.

Jackie gets re-elected President

Jackie is once again (4th year running) elected president of the Excelsior District Improvement Association.

Julian launches - Hire This

It's just about me (julian) and my tech work, but it's more interesting than your average geek resume. To see, hop over to

Julian photography goodness!

I've been building a number of photography sites and having a blast taking LOTS of photos. Peek at and the various sites that this leads you to.

We Launched!

We launched the image bookmarking website!! Give it a try!

Site Makeover 2.0

Now that you see how cool it is, you'll want to submit your link for the Symbiotic Page. Or if you've ever lived here, give us an updated bio for the Creatures page. Send updates to Julian.

Garden in Progress

We killed the bushy vine that overruns everything, and are steadily sending it out to compost. The back yard is already transformed into a place you might want to sit for a while.